Can’t sleep… a really mean message

I should be sound asleep right now, but I was in bed thinking about a conversation I had today that left me a little rattled about how disgusting people really can be.   I have such a low tolerance for society in general anymore that if I had to rate it on a scale of 0-100 my tolerance level would be a 5… on a good day.  I can’t even imagine how truly dangerous I would be if I had a taser gun.  Oh my God that would be GREAT!  I’d be taking people down left and right…  Like the idiot swearing a his little girl in the shopping cart at Wal-Mart the other day… taaaasssserrrrr!

I googled “I hate people” the other day to see what would come up.  It was a bunch of crap like “Don’t hate people, love yourself” and “You might be depressed if you hate people” or “If you hate people you hate yourself more.”

Not it!  Sorry…

What I was really looking for was:

“I hate people too” or “Welcome to the club” and “You’re not alone, people suck.”

I asked my doctor if there was a pill I could take for the hating of people.  She told me no and that my best bet was to avoid them as much as possilbe.  That’s bonofied medical advice!  I’ve been trying to follow, but I seem to be a magnet for idiots.  Beware… they’re everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Can’t sleep… a really mean message

  1. Love it!! Want to be at the signing of your first book… could really go public with this………if you run out of material I’ve got lots for you on “a message of mean”……..
    big sis……


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