Getting started…

My sister invited a medium to her home for a “psychic party” back in November.  This woman said a number of interesting things to  each of the twelve women present.  One of the many things she told me was to start writing again.  That I would lose myself, like so many mom’s do, if I didn’t start writing again.  I used to write in a journal every night before I went to bed when my oldest son was just a baby.  He is now ten.  It was encouraged by a wonderful, inspirational women who was a professor of mine.  Carol Burdick was in her mid 70’s when she was inspiring me to put my sarcastic thoughts about my crazy life on paper.  At the time I was doing my writing, I was a single parent, working full-time and taking (at one point) 16 credit hours.  Needless to say that at the time I had a lot to write about.  It was a kind of therapy.  She had endured a great deal of hardship and had written about it in a number of publications.  I am by no means a great writer… my style of writing is sometimes repetitive and my spelling is terrible.  I’m sure that my sister will get on to read these posts and let me know that “they’re cute but you misspelled a bunch of words”.  She will therefore be dubbed my editor.  Unfortunately she won’t be paid an editors salary.  Sorry Coll…

The title “A Message of Mean from Meghan” comes from an email I recently sent to my sister Tracy and a friend.  That was the title of the email… which was full of my sarcasm and truthful, yet at times, abrasive humor.  They, being a tad mean themselves, found it to be rather funny and my sister said she loved getting emails like that.  Especially in the middle of a stressful work day when she could use a little humor.  I told her I was thinking of starting a blog, which she thought was a good idea… just too bad that I wouldn’t get paid for it.

My thought was to be able to put the events of my day here for you read.  Only because I know so many other moms (parents) feel the way I do at times.  Maybe you’ll want to share your feelings or thoughts with me.  So feel free to laugh or cry along with me… I hope this brings you some therapy too.


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