A quick recap of the week so far…

Around 4:30 in the morning last Thursday I woke to my 4-year-old talking loudly in the shower.  I could hear my husband (who had gone in to lay down with him earlier in the night) answering while at the same time I could hear the washer running.  Exhausted, being 5 months pregnant, I was a tad disoriented at first.  I looked at the clock thinking that it was time to get up and start the day.  However, when I glanced again at the time and it glared back at me… 4:31 am, I quickly swung out of bed to see what was going on.  I met my husband at the bathroom door as he was throwing vomit covered sheets into the wash.  My 4-year-old was chatting loudly from behind the shower curtain.  My husband explained that Kian woke up, told him his tummy hurt and then abruptly threw up everywhere.  I glanced in behind the curtain and took in his pale, yet smiley face.  Little did I know, that was the beginning to a vomit filled week ending only today.  This GI bug was the equivalent to a F5 tornado tearing through some poor little town in Kansas.  Lasting 24 hours at the minimum, it took down the 4-year-old, 1-year-old, me, my husband and finally ended last night with my oldest who started getting sick at 12:30 am.  I had just recovered enough earlier that evening to get back to being mom (thank God).  However, my husband who barely made it home from work that morning and went straight to bed…(pillar of strength) was still in bed.  He had a full 36 hours of recovery.

Which was good because he did have to work nights tonight but made the mistake of sending me this text earlier during a crazy point in the evening “Feeling kinda crappy… how u makin’ out?”

This was my response… (which came later after all had settled)

“Don’t talk to me about feeling crappy… wimp! I’m trying to clean the downstairs bathroom that reeks like Pee (because the 4-year-old CANNOT HIT THE TOILET),in the mean time… the baby had just dumped dirt from a plant all over the floor, Kian had taken a sharpie to the brand new dinning room table and bench, Braeden,I thought for sure broke the computer, at the same time Kian was stabbing the baby with a sharpened pencil, as I was trying to clean up the dirt that was spilled, Kelan (the baby) was unloading the dishwasher of dirty dinner dishes, that I just loaded, all over the kitchen floor and to top it off Braeden and Kian started fighting over the pencils.”

Boo hoo… sorry you’re feeling crappy.

His response… “I ❤ U!”

I sent the two oldest up to their rooms before there was some serious carnage and began the hour and a half long ritual of getting the baby settled for bed.  Before Braeden went upstairs, he said to me (as I was trying to get the dishes put back and clean up the sharpie mishap)…

“Mom, Kelan really shouldn’t be playing with those pencils.”

I said “He’s okay they’re not sharpened.” (thinking as long as he’s quiet for two seconds)

He said “Yeah I know mom, but it’s still not a good idea… he could still fall on one and get it in his eye or get hurt.”

I just stopped what I was doing and looked at him.  I thought… really you moron!  Let’s let the baby play with some pencils.  Glad it takes a ten-year old to point that out to you!

Needless to say I thanked Braeden for his astute, adult like observation and took the pencils away from a very disgruntled Kelan.  I went back to my cleaning thinking he should be in charge!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


One thought on “A quick recap of the week so far…

  1. Braeden is such a great kid. I think he defines the word “precocious”. I’m glad things are on the mend and you have this outlet. Funny my status yesterday on that blasted Facebook was just about how I cannot believe the human race is still around considering how stupid it can be at times. Glad I’m not alone in this!


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