4 days and finally a shower…

My husband called me the other day from his parents house totally exasperated with his father.  He had taken the two youngest of our boys there to give me time to prepare for an important event I was hosting at our home.  His irritation was highly comical to me as everything he was relating sounded all to familiar to our own house and my irritation at times with him.  I listened to his rantings and when he was finished I asked him if he knew who he sounded like.  His response…

“I know!!! I know!! I’m just like him… I see it… I’m sorry!”

I took a shower Friday to prepare for my event.  It was a very exciting 8.5 mins for me.  Kelan played in the bathroom as I showered.  He’s a big fan of opening the shower curtain wide so that water flies everywhere and I’m repeatedly left cold and exposed.  Super relaxing…

Monday came and I had not yet seen the shower since my little date with Kelan that Friday before.  Around 1:30, after Kelan had taken a 20 min nap and refused to lay back down, exhaustion and stench set in all at the same time.  Chris, who had worked the night before and come home to sleep for a bit, had just come downstairs.  He promptly received the following…

A miserable fussing child, glares and foot stomping from me along with the following comment…

“I’ve had enough!  I’m taking a damn shower!”

His response…

“Okay… why don’tcha take yerself a nap too!”

In the shower I had time to reflect on a comment made by one of my brother-in-laws at my little party Friday night.  He was saying how a friend who was going through a difficult time with her husband should take a few lessons from the “Dwyer Sister’s”.  That we’d have his (the offending husband) crap torched and burning in the front yard.

This presented a pleasant vision of me sitting in the middle of Adsit Place in a lawn chair with a marshmallow on the end of a stick roasting over a blazing fire made from my ex-husbands crap.  How true my brother-in-laws words were.  Unfortunately, at the time of my separation, my ex-husband didn’t have enough crap to burn.  So even though there was a lack of flames, the mere thought gave me a great deal of warmth.

You’ll be happy to know I completed my shower without the curtain being ripped open once and was even able to shave my legs.  I took my husband’s advice and took a 45 min nap after.  It was a big afternoon for me!  Full of warm thoughts and self pampering.


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