Any woman could tell you that the sudden need to cry, sweeping over you like a Tsunami, is a common occurrence for the majority of us.  Whether it’s because you open the kitchen cupboard after a long day at a crappy job and a thousand pieces of precariously placed Tupperware fall on your head or your daughter has out grown the dropping off of cupcakes at school on her birthday.  Questions from your 12-year-old son like “Mom don’t you need to have a lot of sex to reproduce a lot of children?” or a good ole fashioned episode of Little House on The Prairie.  Sometimes a good cry with a friend over a bottle of wine can cleanse the soul and then there are the other times when you have no idea why you’re crying. The swing of hormonal moods can sometimes compare to that of a bad carnival ride you can’t scream loud enough to get off of.  Usually leaving in its wake a puzzled husband or significant other and a laughing or crying along with you girlfriend.

I find for me it’s when I’ve gone several days with little sleep, this on top of being pregnant leaves me emotionally volatile.  Yesterday I took some garbage out to the trash can and pinched my finger when closing the lid.  Now typically this would have prompted a number of expletives flying forth from my mouth.  However, for some reason I found myself bawling like a 4-year-old who just stubbed their toe.  My husband overhearing my pathetic crying came into the kitchen and treated me very much like the child I was acting.  He kissed my boo boo and then asked me if I wanted him to go beat up the mean garbage can… to which I replied “yes.”

Today, feeling caged in by the 18 degree weather and lack of gas in the car, I have been a tad emotional as well.  I’m ready to be outside cleaning winter debris and planting flowers however, the sun is truly an irritating deceptor.  Hating feeling so miserable, I dressed the boys and took my sorry self upstairs to see what work could be done… on me.  I took a look at my pale face and decided I was going to need some spackle and paint.  Desperately in need of a tooth and hair brush, I tackled those projects first.  Twenty minutes later, after chasing Kelan who was trying to put everything small and chokable into his mouth, I had succeeded in applying enough makeup to hide the exhaustion and enough hairspray to hold the curl I threw into my hair.  A deep breath and some deodorant later, I was feeling a little more human and emotionally stable.  So here I sit… all dress up with nowhere to go.  Amazing how the simplest things like taking 10 minutes to pull yourself together can affect your overall emotional wellbeing.  So this goes out to all you ladies riding the roller coaster with me… go brush your teeth and splash some cold water on your face.  I promise, it’ll do ya wonders.


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