Antisocial, adj. unfriendly, asocial, unsociable, standoffish, aloof, distant, unapproachable, solitary, reclusive, hermitlike… yes… hermitlike.

I am finding the definition really is starting to go well with my overall personality and general demeanor.  My sister, always used to say “Give me a cabin in the mountains, far away from people.”  I’m hoping one day to move there with her.

I was telling my mother about my blog the other day.  I explained to her that it was a sort of online journal that I had started to express my irritating thoughts.  I told her how she could get on and read it and follow it through her email.  She told me she didn’t want me to sign her up for anything that was going to be sending stuff to her email.  I explained to her that this was not like that, it just sends a message to her letting her know when I’ve submitted a new post so she could read it.  She still wasn’t buying it, so I decided to read her some of my past posts… I got through about 6 lines when she told me I sounded “a little crass.”  I said “Yeah mom, that’s the point… it’s called a message of mean from Meghan.”  Her response “hmmmm.”  So I started to continue my reading and she said “Let me call you back, I have a beep.”  I didn’t hear from her again that day.  Apparently she wasn’t thrilled with my writing.

I have recently recovered from my anxiety attack over creating a page with Facebook.  It really goes against everything that I am… read the definition above if you’ve forgotten.  Me on the “social network” not good.  After figuring out how to utilize this means of communication for my business only, I’ve calmed considerably.  However, my husband told me I was not allowed to comment on others posts as this would lead to immediate “unfriending” of “friends” and cancellations of scheduled business events.  So I don’t get on the “news feed” to read peoples STUPID comments, or view pictures of drunkin morons at the local watering holes.  I could feel my blood pressure rising the other night when I was looking through all the posts for one of my events.  Chris walked in to me mumbling about morons and took the computer away from me before I could do any real damage.  So don’t worry all you Facebooker’s… I’m under control now… I think.  I’ll save all my nastiness for my blog… that my mother doesn’t read.


One thought on “Antisocial…

  1. We need to make this public kind of like a “Dear Abby” read but instead “a message of mean”……got my vote…….feel like I’m the one writting it…………


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