All Hallows Eve…

Halloween has past and the monsters to the left are exhausted and detoxing (still) from their candy high.  Everyone but little Ailey that is.

I stayed home with Ailey and passed out candy while Chris took the boys door to door.  I had one trick-or-treater arrive… Cinderella shyly knocked on our door and held out her little bag while her parents waited in the car.  I greeted her with my witch’s hat and apron and a big purple bowl of candy.  Her visit reminded me of being a little girl and dressing up as Cinderella and my sister Tracy calling me “Cindy.”  It was freezing that year and my mom and sister drove me around the thriving hamlet of Stephens Mills to trick or treat. I recall skipping from house to house in my winter coat, as they followed in the car with the heat cranked.  I don’t however, recall coming home with a big bag of loot.

Shortly after the boys left, I received a mayday call and ended up having to pick up my little scarecrow. He was having trouble keeping up with his older brothers and was cold and booger-nosed.  My sister drove me to grab him from Chris.  As we hopped in the car, I turned and looked at my pretty house.  It was lit up with little white lights, candles in lanterns and carved pumpkins on the front porch railing.  The lights from inside created a soft, warm, inviting glow.  I said to my sister “If I was a little girl trick or treating, I’d want to go to that house.  ” Later that evening when everyone else was blowing out the candles in their pumpkins, I was putting new candles in to keep them glowing past midnight.

Tonight, an inkling of snow is in the air and Hocus Pocus has been traded in for The Polar Express.  The Halloween candy has been hidden, as I can’t keep little hands from shoveling it into little mouths.  Tomorrow, my beloved decor will be tuck away for another year and replaced with the next holiday celebration.  However, my broom will remain by my door and my spell books will be kept near… just  in case I need to work up a brew… or smack the hell out of someone.


2 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve…

  1. Geez Meg, for a moment there I thought you were going soft on us, until I got to the last sentence. Thanks for not dissappointing! Happy November! P.S. I really hope you blog about the joys of Christmas shopping 😉


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