Don’t be surprised…

I’m struggling to understand why people act surprised or upset when the things they do or say directly results in consequential behaviour.  For example…

Don’t be surprised when your house gets broken into… when you’re constantly on Facebook telling everyone when you’re going to the store, the doctors, on vacation, to the bathroom.

Don’t be surprised when you are in jail… when you get pulled over at 3 in the morning reeking like booze and have a bag of pot on you.

Don’t be surprised when your child has and odd rash and fever… when you let them crawl on the Wal-mart bathroom floor.

Don’t be surprised when your wife wants a divorce… when you’re checking out creepy porn sites on her work computer.

And don’t be surprised when I elbow you in the temple… when you ask me “how many more kids you gonna have?”


5 thoughts on “Don’t be surprised…

  1. Nobody wants to accept responsibility for their own behavior. It’s always somebody else’s fault. How true, Meg. Unfortunately for those that have that belief, nothing will ever change for them. Because, if it’s always somebody’s else’s fault, then they are always powerless to change it. As soon as someone accepts their role and their responsibility, they may realize they can change the outcome. Now that you have me on my soapbox, I’ll take it further:

    Don’t be surprised when you find people annoy you, if you only see and look for the worst/negative in people.

    Don’t be surprised, if you feel stuck, if you are not willing to change. Don’t expect everyone else to make the change around you, create the change yourself (this is one I need to pay attention to).

    Don’t be surprised when you find people don’t treat you with the respect you deserve, if you don’t treat yourself with the respect you deserve.

    I think, our posts can best be summarized in the words of the great prophet…, not Jesus, Buddha or Gandhi, but the wise Forrest Gump who said: “Stupid is as stupid does”.


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