Just a few things…

My apologies to the four people who read my blog.  I’ve had the very best of intentions to write over the past few weeks, however, my ability to do so has been waylaid due to yet another GI virus attacking my house.  Last week was spent caring for two very sick little boys who both ended up in the hospital.  One for a two night stay on IV’s.  Not to worry, we are now on the mend.

Having been busy nursing the sick, I’ve not had time to winterize the exterior of my home and begin the tradition of placing pine and berries in my porch boxes.  This is something my Grandpa Dwyer started back in the 20’s and 30’s.  Every year my 78-year-old father continues this tradition by hiking around the hills and surrounding area of his country home and cutting pine and American Red Berry.  He drops them off in big black garbage bags for us (me and my sisters) to get started on our winter themed decor.  The result is always beautiful.

Excited about my delivery this year, I made arrangements for my children and got to task filling porch boxes and planters.  Now please understand this is a process… I begin by taking down all my pretty fall decorations.  Pumpkins, cornstalks, indian corn and various signs that say things like “Welcome Autumn.”  After these are all pack away or thrown in the back of my husbands truck to be taken to yard waste I then begin my pines, berries, and so forth.

I understand at this point you may be wondering why I’m explaining this whole process to you.  Allow me to elaborate…

The holiday season creates a sense of excitement for even the biggest woodchuck.  So as you drive around town you see all sorts of people decorating their trailer, house or hovel.  This is swell and I encourage all to partake in the holiday fun.

However, a little tip… take down your Easter, 4th of July and Halloween decor before you put your blow up Santa in the front yard.  It’s either Halloween or it’s Christmas people, it’s NOT both.  It’s either the 20 foot blow up snowman or the haunted house.

If you have the energy to climb a ladder and place Santa and his eight reindeer on the roof, I’m sure you can manage to take down the giant purple spider duct taped to the side of the house.

So in the spirit of the season, clean up your offensive holiday yard clutter and work with one theme at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving…


5 thoughts on “Just a few things…

  1. haha….I am laughing at this and thinking of all of the yards I have passed that have exactly this going on, only to remember that the other day while putting up my own Christmas decorations (while trying to take care of a very active 8 month old) that I still have rotting pumpkins on the front steps and a corn stalk (bunch) that is laying on the ground knocked over by the wind, that I have yet to take care of. Thanks for reminding me Meg! Don’t worry…. I am on it now! LOL…..thanks for the laugh!


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