You’re so mean!

I was so excited to see that 44 people read my blog the other day!  A big step up from the 4 that usually support my writing.  I am always so hesitant whOld-Witch-Postcarden publishing anything, afraid of the comments or criticisms that may follow.  But it’s always exciting to see that people read it.  Maybe I can be the next “Carrie Bradshaw” and get paid to stay at home and write about nonsense.  Maybe they’ll even have a picture of me on the side of the H.A.T. bus that cruises around town.  A girl can dream…

It seems that the only real criticism that I receive about my blog is from my family.  They don’t yet understand that the title is “A Message of Mean From Meghan”, not “Nice Thoughts From Meghan” or “A Nice Word by Meghan.”  My sister’s are always telling me I’m soooo mean and well, I am. But is being truthful mean? Well yes, I guess sometimes it is.  Do people often want to hear the truth?  Not really… maybe a softer version of the truth.  Do we always have to take the high road and accept people and their audacious, offensive behavior?  I think not.  If you’re acting like an idiot around me… be prepared to be told so.  There is a time to be gracious and over-look people and their stupidity and then there is a time to tell people to knock off their crap.

Perhaps I should change the name of my blog to “A Message of Truth From Meghan”… nah that sound a little self-righteous and I like it the way it is.


3 thoughts on “You’re so mean!

  1. I like it when you tell me i’m acting like an idiot…if not you than who? It’s one of the things I love about you 😉


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