And I said…

Get off your sister!

What do you have in your mouth?

Stop it!

Get down!

Get off your sister!

Don’t poke her.

That’s naughty.

Where are you?

Get off the counter.

Don’t hit your bother.

Did you just bite him?

You can’t lay on her!

Wash your hands.

Did you poop?

Get off your sister.

Just a minute.

Get down.

Don’t throw the ball at her!

You’re in time out.

Sit down.

Did you poop again?


Sit down.

You’re making me crazy.

Get off the counter.

Give me that!

Where did you get that?

Don’t hit the cat.


Knock off the fighting.

Get away from her.

What are you doing in there?

You’re making me nuts.

Quit the fooling, someone’s going to get hurt!

Didn’t I just say stop!

Get off your sister!



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