A little about my night…

At 5:20 pm my husband walked out the door to work.  I was racing to finish dinner.  My mother-in-law was just leaving after watching the kids while I took 1 of the 4 to the doctor.  Kelan, my soon to be 2-year-old was running amuck along with the other children.  Suddenly, I heard my oldest son Braeden say “MOOOOMMMM!  Kelan is covered in liquid yogurt!”  I turned to look… yep… doused in a smoothie that he had pulled from the refrigerator at some point.  I looked at him and wanted to cry.  He looked up and smiled happily at me all the while splashing in the puddle he had made on the floor.  I quickly stripped him down to a diaper and went to grab some paper towels to clean up the mess.  I turned back around and found that he had taken off his diaper (which consequently was soiled) and was running around with poop stuck to his hind end.

Later, after I cleaned that mess up and gave everyone a bath, I fixed Kelan and Ailey (the baby) each a bottle and gave them their bedtime medicine.  As I was giving the baby her dosage, Kelan decided to empty his bottle onto himself and the chair.  I got up, took the bottle away, placed him in time-out and ran to get more paper towels to clean up the mess.  In the 5 seconds I was gone, he managed to dump half of Ailey’s bottle onto her.  I caught him shaking it like salt over her head.

A little while later after attempting to get Kelan and Ailey to bed, which goes a little something like this…. Bed, crib, bed, crib, bed, crib, bed, crib, bed, crib, bed, crib, everybody crying (including me), bed, crib… I gave up and brought them downstairs to try to sit quietly on the couch.  I sat down.  Ailey fell asleep immediately.  I carried her upstairs to her crib and heard Kelan slapping Kian who was falling asleep downstairs in the chair.  I hurried back downstairs to a bawling Kian and carried him up to bed.  While I was putting him to bed.  I came back down to see that Kelan had decided to “feed the kitty” and dumped a whole bag of cat food on the floor…  and was playing in it. At this point it was 9:20 pm, out came the vacuum.

It is now 10 pm and I am writing this in bed as Kelan flips and flops next to me.  He hasn’t moved now for 30 seconds… I think he’s starting to fall asleep?  I can’t wait to read this to him when he’s older.  I hope by then it’ll be funny to me.


4 thoughts on “A little about my night…

  1. Oh my goodness Meg! This made me laugh, not because it’s funny, but because it’s comforting to know other people have crazy, have to see it to believe it, nights like this too. We’ve had some doozy’s with just our 2 kids. I’m sure if we had 2 more our houses would be quite comparable, lol! Hang in there Mama 🙂


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