‘Twas 4 nights before Christmas…

‘Twas 4 nights before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…

Except for the cat, that had pooped in the tub.

Papa was at work keeping the city safe, while mama awoke to a foot in her face.  Upon opening her eyes she was filled with dread, her left eye was sealed shut like crusty old bread.  It must be conjunctivitis one of the children wanted to spread.  She rubbed and rubbed and did what she must, just as the baby began to fuss.  Out of the warm covers she went, a diaper, a bottle and back to bed.

Just as she settled with an exhausted sigh, she heard brakes squealing, as a car passed the house by.  She tore open the shutters and what to her wondering crusted eye did appear, a white grand prix sliding wildly for all to hear.  It slid and swerved and spun, right into the guard rail and then it was done.  To the phone she flew to get help for the crash.  Then Hornell PD arrived in a dash.

An hour and a half later she tried to sleep, when suddenly she heard the tiniest peep.  The same routine had begun, so off she went just when she thought she was done.  A diaper, a bottle oh what a night of fun.

Dawn arose and so did mom.  Down to make coffee and turn the heat on.  She stood puzzled and stared, the furnace was broke.  It didn’t make a sound, not a creak or a croak.  “Great!”  she thought and let out a groan. She called Papa and told him to hurry on home.

She sighed as she waited and watched it snow, and then she noticed her Christmas decorations had all blown.  Shaking her head she looked the other way and saw that an animal had a field day.  Garbage was strewn across the deck and back.  All she could do was close crusty eyes and laugh.  She thought to herself, “Oh what a day this had turned out to be.  I can’t wait to see what tonight has in store for me.”

To the bathroom she went to wash up from the night and found a Christmas pimple shinning red and bright.  Shaking her head, she looked and herself and said… “I might as well take myself back up to bed.”


2 thoughts on “‘Twas 4 nights before Christmas…

  1. Aw, this is cute Meg. I’m sure when you’re old and the kids are grown (complaining to you how difficult their kids can be…), you’ll laugh so hard at these (sometimes not so fond) memories!


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