Let it snow…

DSCF0971My boys could not contain their excitement this evening as it began to snow.  What appeared to be millions of fluffy cotton balls rapidly fell covering everything in white.

“MOMMMMM! Can we go outside and play!”  So bundled and waddling out the door they went.  All my “boys” including Daddy, out to play in the snow.  It was Kelan’s first real snow experience. He was so excited about it that when he came back inside, he somehow found the baby powder and decided to “make it snow” in the house as well.  So my living room floor, Kelan and the better half of our love-seat was covered in baby powder.

Instead of breaking out the vacuum, I thought I’d bring in the sled.  I hid the powder, vacuumed and got a glass of wine.  He’s currently mowing the carpet with the Spanish-speaking lawnmower… good times.  Glad I’ve got the wine.  Merry Christmas to Mommy.


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