Not the same old love song…

I’m so glad Santa brought our two-year-old a karaoke machine.  Spongebob lights up and makes all kinds of noise.  It’s fantastic, one thing we need in this house is more noise. My husband especially seems to be enjoying it as he wrestles the little children for the mic and breaks into song.  He’s also been a big fan of turning up the ‘echo’ and screaming “Let’s get ready to rumble!” REPEATEDLY!

Earlier today, the boys were trying to get the microphone away from him crying “Daddy!  It’s our turn!”  As he sang “You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin, whoa that lovin feelin” over and over again because those are the only words he knows.

I intervened, glared, he relented and gave it to the children.  He then followed me into the kitchen and said “Ya know, I would really like one of those MP3 things for when I work out.  I think it would be really good for stress relief.  I used to listen to music all the time, but I don’t think I could really get into some of the stuff I used to listen to.  Love songs… my love song now would go a little something like… (and he sang)  I’m fat and losing my hair, you had four kids and stretch marks everywhere (which I do NOT).”  I’m glad he’s not thinking of quitting his job and becoming a professional singer song writer.  However, I think I’ll invest in a MP3 player for him, mostly so he’ll leave the kids karaoke machine alone.


2 thoughts on “Not the same old love song…

  1. @ TDB- Yeah, the big thumbs down would be from the brother-in-law for whom you suggested relocation. Furthermore, there’s nothing more ‘peaceful’ than my silky vocal stylings 😛


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