Inspired by life, I once again find it easy to sit and describe to you the sounds of chaos that fill(ed) my house.  The tub filling, banging, crying, yelling… sounds of tired children preparing for bed.  Earlier we celebrated my father’s 79th birthday and had a chicken pot pie cook off with my neighbor to honor him.  You’ll be happy to know… I won.  However, her’s was pretty darn good.

My dear father and the rest of our kin filled my home tonight with laughter, eye rolling, story telling and a general loudness associated with our last name.   Our signature trait, well one of many, is interrupting.  We are the “Familia Interruptus”.  Good luck trying to hold a conversation when we are all sitting around the table.  Our neighbors are a kind, quiet sort who seem to really enjoy our family and all their quirks despite having been subjected to our boisterous nature.  However, I can just imagine the conversation when they return to their peaceful house.  I’m not too worried about it though…  they keep coming back.

It’s so easy to write when you have all of this material surrounding you.  For example, the boys have now come down from their baths.  Kelan currently (as I write this sentence) is screaming into the microphone on the karaoke machine.  My husband takes it from him and starts beat boxing.  Kelan, annoyed with him, shuts the machine off.  The kids needing to be dressed, are running naked around the room.   My husband resumes his act on the karaoke machine.  I shout “I give up.”  As Kelan, wildly flings a USB connection to a toy someone got for Christmas, knocking over my untouched glass of red wine.

You see, I could go on and on.  But I’m sure at some point it wouldn’t be interesting.  I’m tired just reliving it.  So I’ll save some material for tomorrow, although I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to write about by then.  In the meantime, I’m hiding that damn karaoke machine!


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