The Small Toof

Last night, I was getting Kian and Braeden ready to head back to school in the morning. Kian was upset about having to return and started crying.  Braeden trying to help, said “Kian, it’s not like you do anything at school.  Not like I have to.  Aren’t you excited to get back to see your friends?”  At which point he mentioned a little girls name in his class that is especially cute.

Kian responded with “Uhh not really.  She’s got this small toof.  I don’t really know what’s going on with it.  I think she lost a toof and now this small toof has grown in.  It’s a little weird.”

Braeden started laughing along with me and my husband.

I said “Small tooth uh?”

Kian said “Yeah, so I’m not really excited to go see her.”

Let that be a lesson to all you ladies out there.  If you want the attention of a good looking boy, get your “toof” fixed.


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