Itchy Fingers

When I was a little girl, around 3, my mom had a snowman and lady that she made.  The pair sat on our bar in the family room at Christmas.  They were about a foot tall and were painted ceramic.  I loved them.  I remember repeatedly and slyly climbing up the bar stool and on top of the bar to play with them.  It was a marshmallow world made for sweethearts and I would sing Brenda Lee’s “Winter Wonderland”  as I envisioned my snow couple meeting up with Parson Brown.  My mother would come out and find me there on the bar singing and playing away…  at which point I would be told to get down and stay away.  This scene played over and over and over again.  I would NOT leave them alone.  Finally I one day clinked Mr. and Mrs. Snowman together a tad too hard and crack, they broke.  I’m not sure who was more upset me or my poor mother.

Tonight, the baby was especially fussy.  She’s teething and was not going to bed.  I had to leave Kelan alone downstairs briefly while I ran upstairs to sooth her back to sleep.  Just as Ailey closed her eyes and sighed herself back to sleep, I heard a terrible crash from downstairs.  Thinking the Christmas tree had come down on top of Kelan (again), I put the baby back in her crib and ran out the door.  I collided with Braeden in the hall as he too rushed to investigate. Smacking off of each other, we ran down the stairs and found Kelan had picked up my favorite Christmas decoration and thrown it on the floor.  A snow globe with a pretty green Christmas tree, that sat on top of a silver base that played “O’ Christmas Tree.”  Broken.  Pieces of it had flown all over the family room, reminding me of Mr. and Mrs. Snowman.  Braeden, knowing how much I loved the snow globe, turned and looked at me and said “I’m sorry mom.”  Meanwhile, Kelan jumped up and down on the couch saying “Ouch!  That fell on my head.”  I kissed his head and made sure he was all right when the baby started to fuss.  Braeden said to me “It’s okay mom.  Go get her, I’ve got this.” as I headed  up the stairs.

As I got the baby settled I heard the vacuum start-up and smiled thinking about what a good boy Braeden was.  I was reassured that even though Kelan is a terrorist, Braeden was just like him when he was his age and is fantastic now.  I was also thinking about Mr. and Mrs. Snowman and how Kelan is a lot like his mother.  People keep saying to me “Well, this is payback you know” as they chuckle and tee hee.  If that’s true, I really must have been a horrible child!


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