Cookie the Cat

DSCF0982In the picture to the left the caption reads…

“Name: KIAN”

“On Sunday, I think Cookie will… jump in the toilet.”

Below the caption, my almost 5-year-old drew a picture of a toilet (on the left) and “Cookie” the cat (on the right).  I’m not sure what the rest of the drawing is, but he did explain that the “X’s” were where he’d made a mistake.

When I asked him about the picture, he explained that “Cookie” was a cat in a story he had read in pre-school today.  “He’s a silly cat momma.”

Silly indeed.  Apparently, he didn’t think that “Cookie” would lap up some milk, take a nap, play with some toys or chase a mouse… but “jump in the toilet.”

I can’t wait to pull this one out when he’s 18.  It’ll be a real treat to show his girlfriend.


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