The little thief…

This morning I was busy with my morning routine vacuuming, doing dishes, picking up, while Kelan sat and watch Mickey Mouse Club House and Ailey played in her exersaucer.  She began rubbing her eye’s and fussing.  As she had been up since 6, it was a sure sign that it was time for her morning nap.  So I grabbed her binky and carried her upstairs and laid her down in her crib.  She sighed, stretched and closed her eyes.  I left the room, quietly closing the door and went back downstairs to my chores.  I checked on Kelan who was still sitting in the chair.  Firing up the vacuum again, I quickly finished up where I’d left off.  I looked in the other room to check on Kelan and found that he wasn’t there.  Shutting off the vacuum, I called his name.  He didn’t respond, but the baby began to fuss.  And then I knew exactly where he was…

Up the stairs I went and into Ailey’s room to find that she was tossing and turning and unsettled.  She was, quite unlike how I had left her.  I looked and looked for her binky and couldn’t find it.  I left her to hunt down a potential thief… and found him, jumping on his brother’s bed with a pink binky in his mouth.  When I asked him where he got his binky, he said “From Ailey.”

“Ummm hmmm… ya I know from Ailey.  HOW did you get it from Ailey?”

“I climbed up and took it.

So I picked up my little criminal, washed the stolen goods and returned it to the rightful owner.  She settled immediately and fell asleep.  Downstairs, I put the perpetrator in jail for a bit.  All the while thinking… “Great, he knows how to open doors now!”

You see for years, ever since Braeden was a baby, I’ve believed binkies grew legs and walked off on their own.  I would buy 6 of them and within hours… they were gone.  On occasion I’d find them in the freezer, toy box, purse, mailbox and other wildly random places.  I would have sworn that some sick individual was hiding them from me on purpose.  And they were watching me… frantically searching for it as my child screamed!  Now… at least I really know… it is actually a thief and I can mostly find it dangling from a precocious 2 year olds mouth.


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