So far today…

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6 o’clock am

Kelan sitting on the couch listening to music on his leap pad.  Headphones in, singing here and there, dancing on and off.

Ailey bouncing wildly in her exersaucer.  Yelling and screaming happily.

Mommy, exhausted sitting the chair drinking coffee trying to hear the weather.

Kelan sneezes.

Mommy looks at him to say “Bless You.”  A 6 inch river of green flows from his nose.  He screams “NEED A TISSUE!” Causing half of the goo to break off and fall on the couch.

Mommy already on the run for the tissue, trips in her slippers almost careening head first into the door casing and spills coffee on new white robe.  Grabs tissue and wipes his nose.  Ailey stares in complete awe in her seat.  Then begins to yell and bounce again.  Mommy goes to get the Lysol to clean goo up off couch and wash coffee off robe. All the while rubbing her shoulder that slammed into the wall.

Good morning everyone.  Hope your day starts off as well as mine has.


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