Just so you know…

I was just me and the kids the other night.  My husband was working.  So I decided to shut things down early and head upstairs to bed where it was warmer.  Kian and Kelan were tagging along behind me, helping shut off lights and blow out candles.  They get excited when we all go up to bed together.  They like snuggling in bed with their mommy.  (This includes Braeden who slept at the end of the bed.)  As I was shutting off lights, Kelan looked out the window and began talking about the moon and the stars to his older brother.

Suddenly Kelan spotted what I thought might have been a helicopter.  “Mama see the copter!”

I replied “Yay honey I see it.  Listen… can you hear it?”

Kian began shaking his head and said “Mama, you won’t hear it because it’s not a helicopter.  It’s a plane.”

I said “Really? How do you know?”

“Because mama, helicopter’s don’t have two flashing lights, planes do on their wings.  Helicopter’s just have a light on their tail and a big spot light under them.  Also, they don’t usually fly that high.” I just looked at him as he continued about the differences between a helicopter and a plane in the night sky.

After he wrapped up his dissertation, I asked him “How did you get to be so smart?”

He said “I was just born that way.”

Today, I received a phone call from Kian’s teacher informing me that Kian wasn’t feeling well.  She said he ran to the bathroom and a few minutes later yelled to her that he had “diarrhea.”

I told her I’d be right there and hopped in the car to get him.  As we were leaving the school, I began to ask how he felt and what had happened.

He said “My stomach ache didn’t hurt, but all a sudden my butt realwe hurt.  I tried to hold it in, but I had to go to the bathroom and have diarrhea.”

I replied “Honey, you mean your hinny hurt, not your butt.”

He corrected “No, mama, I mean my ‘butt’.  That’s the wittle hole where the poop comes out.  Just so you know.”

Trying not to laugh and unable to come up with another term any better than that to adequately define the anatomical area we were discussing, I left it alone.

Just so you know…


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