Disgusting Behavior By Adults… An Epidemic

This morning I was lucky enough to peruse the following post on Facebook from an old friend.  He was commenting on adults who pick their nose thinking no one is looking.  This was his thought and I felt the need to share…

“Untinted car windows do not obstruct people’s vision.  People stop picking your nose in your car as if no one can see you.  In-fact, stop picking your nose regardless!  I saw 3 people doing it just today!  Coupled with the guy who did it at the store the other day as I was waiting in line (who then nervously began to chew his nail because he realized that he was in public–the same nail mind you that he just stuck up his nose) and all the greenies I see wiped on the bathroom walls in-front of urinals, I think there’s an epidemic of disgusting behavior by adults that needs to be changed.”

In full agreement and shamelessly plugging my blog by commenting on his post, I was inspired into pontificating further.  You see, I have issues with booger eating, ass picking, and non hand washing.  God only knows what else these people do when you’re not looking.  It’s one thing when I see my 5-year-old digging for gold, but when you’re sitting at a red light and you look over at the car next to you only to see a grown adult drilling away, strike, stare and flick or worse, eat!  How about that sicko we’ve all had at work that likes to drop a deuce, head to out of the bathroom without washing their hands, then go right for the tin of Christmas popcorn and dig in.  Or even better the jerk that doesn’t know enough to turn his head when he sneezes and spews a colony of infectious disease all over the salad bar at lunch.

Have you ever been in a large crowd and assaulted by the smell of sewage… yeah that would be the elusive “crowd crop duster” sending your shirt up to cover your nose and mouth.  You try to escape to another area, but there’s no hope.  Everywhere you turn to the “C.C.D.” has hit.  In the meantime others begin to smell the vapor trail and panic, pushing each other out of the way in search of fresh air as if a bomb was going to go off.

I say we definitely have an epidemic on our hands and it’s time to spread the word… stop being a disgusting human being!  Use a tissue, wash your damn hands, cover your germ infested self when coughing or sneezing, and PLEASE excuse yourself OUTSIDE if you’re having a bad bout of gas.

This message has been brought to you by the writer of this blog on behalf of others who have had enough of adults and their disgusting behavior.


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