The Patriot…

Last evening friends and family gather around the tv to watch the beginning of the Super Bowl.  It was busy as usual here at our home.  The television cranked with pre-game info, kids played and talked loudly while the adults waited patiently for the game to begin.

I was in the kitchen finishing up homemade pizza and other treats when I heard the beginning of the National Anthem being played.  I love football and the Super Bowl is always a lot of fun to watch even though my team hasn’t made it to the playoffs in 15 years!  The singing of the National Anthem is always one of my favorite parts, so I hurried into the other room to watch.

Shushing the little ones, I took my seat along with everyone else and listened intently to Alicia Keys croon away.  I glanced quickly around the room and found Kian, my 5-year-old, standing straight as a marine with his hand resting on his heart.  Totally unprompted and without any direction my little boy stood amongst all of us and paid tribute to his country.  I was astonished and deeply moved.  The other kids paid little attention to what was happening on the television, but Kian stood with his hand on his heart throughout the whole song.

I said to him “Awe honey, that’s so nice.  Mommy is very proud of you.”  To which he briefly broke his stoic form and smiled then turned his attention back to Alicia.

I thought it was really special to see one so young stand in the middle of a room and pay such respect.  It made me think about people that want to remove the Pledge of Allegiance from our schools and other political opinions within that realm.  I tend to avoid talking or writing about such topics because that kind of thinking is really so sad to me.  However, I am not too dispirited because the heart of a true patriot will remain in the innocence of this little child and many like him.


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