Some Business Advice…

I’m not impressed when people comment on Facebook about business issues.  Yes it’s not nice that people don’t show for appointments or pick up ordered items.  However, this is all a part of being a business owner and it’s poor taste to comment on Facebook about any of it…  particularly if you are a small business in a small community.  You never know what extenuating circumstances may have come up preventing that person from attending their scheduled appointment.  Furthermore, if you where a smart business person, you’d keep your mouth shut at the risk of losing additional business from friends, family members, co-workers, etc that are reading your complaint.

For example the other day I looked at the inspection on my car.  I misread it and thought it expired in January.  I contacted our car repair shop and asked if they could get the car right in.  They happily obliged and scheduled me for the follow business day at 10:30 am.  The night before the appointment, I had been up continuously with two sick, fussing children (again).  By the morning, I was completely exhausted.  My husband was consumed with a 15 chapter exam he had for paramedic school later that day.  Around 1:30, I realized we had completely missed the appointment.  I felt terrible and contacted the shop immediately to apologize.  They were very polite, even understanding and rescheduled the appointment for me.

Sometimes people forget, they get busy with life, they have sick children, a flat tire, a meeting a work that ran over and, yes- sometimes people are just rude.   So be smart, simply charge a fee for a missed appointment or send a bill for items not picked up.  As far as I’m concerned people who openly discuss clients and business issues on a public forum have lost my business entirely, for fear of being the next complaint on Facebook.


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