Where do I begin…

It’s been a bit since I’ve written.  I’ve been busy chasing children and my brain has been too tired to form tangible thoughts.  I get thinking about something I’d like to post and five minutes later I can’t remember what the heck I was even thinking about.  Believe me there is enough material in this house for me to write about.  Knowing which topic to start with is usually my biggest challenge.

For instance over the past two weeks, the following has taken place.  Kelan has found a new favorite word.  Everything is “poop” and I mean that both figuratively and literally.  He has been running around the house telling me, his father, his brothers and his baby sister that “You poop.  You poopy in your pants.  You poop on this.   You stinky poop” and so forth.  When he’s told not to be fresh he responses with “You fresh.”  When I say “Kelan, knock it off.”  He says “You knock it off.”  When I say “You’re going to get your hinny spanked.”  He says “I spank your hinny.”  He thinks this is all hysterical.  Needless to say- we’ve begun to look at military schools.

In addition to his obstinate demeanor, he’s learned the fine art of blaming others.

“Kelan did you poop?”   “No, Ailey did it.”

“Who wrote on this wall.”   “Kian did it.”

“Why is the baby crying Kelan?  What did you do?”  “I didn’t do nuffin’.  Kian did it!”

“Peeeww!  Who fluffed?”  “Daddy did it.”  Which is usually true- easy to see why he would opt to blame him.  However, in this case- daddy wasn’t home.

He has also developed a firm understanding of the word “annoying” and uses- a lot.

For example:

“You annoying Kian.” and “That boy annoying mommy.”

While Kelan has been running about the house in the manner mentioned above, I’ve had to temper Braeden’s sarcasm.  His quips rival the majority of adults I know and we have been working on knowing when and where sarcasm is appropriate and what is appropriate for an eleven year old.  Such as when walking through Wal-Mart.  True- it’s the greatest show on earth and there is enough material there to keep one who’s well equipped with wit going for months.  However, I feel it important to teach my child that impersonating the twenty year old guy who was six feet tall, weighing 120 pounds, wearing a ten gallon hat and size 20 faux crocodile boots, is not nice.  VERY funny, but- not nice.

Kian has also been unusually boisterous.  While we are used to his dissertations on all matters of things, as he feels he is an  expert in many areas and likes to inform others.    Recently, he has begun to burst into song.  Sweet isn’t it?  Until you’re in Applebee’s packed with people and your child begins singing “I’m sexy and I know it” repeatedly and very loudly as you exit the crowded restaurant.  His teacher informed me that apparently he took a page from his little brothers book and began singing “Call Me Maybe” while washing his hands in class yesterday.  I’m just glad he wasn’t singing about how sexy he is and how he knows it in class!

It’s true- some would consider our family to be a bit of a comedy act.  Where ever we go-  there’s bound to be some form of entertainment and always something for me to write about.


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