Laughter really is the best medicine…

I read a friends comment today about her children telling knock, knock jokes to each other.  It’s sweet to hear children laughing over their corny nonsensical jokes.  Their happiness seeps into you and warms you from within.  Like a good shot of whiskey.  It reminded me of a time when Braeden was a precocious four and a half.  Like many a male his age and older, he was practicing the art of prolonged toilet time.

There he was- parked on the loo without a care in the world.  Legs too short to touch the floor, feet swinging to and fro, elbows on knees, chin in hands.  The door was wide open and he sat, content and quite pleased with himself.  I was down the hall putting clothes away in my bedroom when I heard-

“Hey mom…”

I called back down the hall “What honey?”

“Ummm- what, what has four wheels and flies?”

I remember thinking ‘Huh? Four wheels and flies?  What the heck is he talking about?’ so I said “What did you say honey?”

“I saaaaiiidddd- What has four wheels and flies?”

Still having no idea where this was going I asked “Umm- what?”

“A garbage truck! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAAHHHAAA!  Get it?  HAHAHAHAHAHA garbage trucks have four wheels and flies! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHA!”

I have no idea where he got that one from.  However, it sounds like a joke my father would tell.  I remember laughing not only at the joke, but at the comedian himself.  I  looked down the hall at him sitting on the toilet laughing like a complete loon at his little joke and thinking “He’s really damn funny for being 4!”  Little did I know how funny he was going to be years later.


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