The Problem With Toothpaste…

My house has a small, closet size bathroom on the first floor with the worlds smallest sink.  Kian has dubbed it “his bathroom” and much like his father, you’ll find him in there often.  Each morning when the two older boys get up and get ready for school, they use that sink to brush their teeth.

The other morning, after the boys left for school, I ran in to use the facilities.  In a hurry to get back to the two babies before disaster struck, I didn’t turn the light on and sat down quickly.  My bare bottom met with something gooie, sticky and viscous.  I stood up, flipped on the light and found a glob of blue, bubble gum flavored Crest For Kids toothpaste smeared on the toilet seat.  Upon further inspection, I noted that the toothpaste was not only on the seat and my rear, but also splattered all over the sink, mirror, floor, shelf, and surrounding walls.  Exasperated, I cleaned up what I could and then went for the heavy equipment.

Now, if you don’t know what toothpaste is like after it has sat for a day or even a few hours, let me fill you in.  Basically- you need a chisel and jack hammer to get it off.  Which, coincidently, brings me to my next run in with toothpaste.

A few weekends ago, I was busy cleaning and doing the usual chores around the house.  I came around the corner to find Kelan licking the wall- similar to the way a dog would lick a pile of hamburger off the floor.  Thrown off by this, it took a second for me to register the fact that my child was slobbering all over the wall. Finally I asked him “What in the name of God are you doing?”

He stopped and looked at me, leaving a trail of black saliva stuck to the wall, and said “Tian put toofpaste on here.”  As I looked closer, through what appeared to be remnants of Oreo cookie, I saw that my ingenious five-year old decided to fill a small nail hole with white toothpaste!  Kelan, watching his brother’s attempt at sheet rock repair, decided to snack on what remained of Kian’s spackle job.   Apparently he was not satisfied with his swiped cookie.  Or possibly he was looking for a little mint to go along with his chocolate.  Honestly, I have no idea what he was thinking.  However, I don’t think I would have notice the patch if Kelan hadn’t decided to eat it away.

So there it is folks, a few lessons learned about a product that does so much more than just keep your teeth healthy.  Feed a hungry child, patch a whole in your wall.  In a pinch, you never know- it may save your life.


One thought on “The Problem With Toothpaste…

  1. oh Meghan, this is the best. It is amazing what a child will teach us. Imagine….toothpaste to fix the wall.. we never would have ftigured it out ourselves. 🙂


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