Your First Thought?

Kian came home from pre-school on Friday with a booklet that he’d made.  In it he drew pictures of the five different senses and how he experienced them.

I was flipping through this booklet when I came upon this picture below.  I can honestly say when I first looked at it, I thought… “Ummm? What the hell is that supposed to be?”

I took it to my husband and said “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at this?”

He looked quickly and immediately verbalized exactly what I had been thinking.

Now we all understand that little children and their artistic ability isn’t always spot on.   The best part of  their drawings is that there are always many interpretations.

“Mommy look what I drew!”

“That’s great honey.  Is it a tree?”

“No.  It’s an airplane.”

We’ve all been there.  Even if you aren’t a parent- “Hey Aunt blah, blah see the picture I drew?”

“Oh wow buddy!  That’s great.  Is it a frog?”

“No, that’s a picture of you!”

You get the idea, right?  So what I want you to do is take a good look at this picture and tell me- what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Ya know?  Like those ink-blot pictures psychologists use.


Okay, so now you’ve seen the picture of Kian’s helicopter.

Yep- his helicopter.  That he used his eyes to see in his “Five senses book.”   Now, you may be saying “Ohhhhh.  Okay.  I see it now.”  Or you may still be scratching your head trying to figure out what it could possibly be and even though I’ve just explained what it is- you still can’t make out a helicopter from his little scribbles.

However, I’m going to bet that a large amount of you are laughing right now.  Why?  Well like the overwhelming majority of those who saw this before you, the first thing that came to mind was something phallic.

Now for those of you that still didn’t get it- you’ve gone back to look and now you see don’t you?

We passed this around the room at my house the other night, from nana to cousins to daddy to aunts.  Each of us laughing so hard, praising Kian for his fantastic helicopter.

Children are so precious, the way they make you laugh with their innocence. A silly joke, a picture made just for you- of you…. even though it may look like a mutilated cat.

My little artist- I can see us all now… standing in an art gallery around his latest piece called “interpretation.”


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