Child Care 101…

I was just on the internet and came across the following story.

“Snoozing baby left with note, everyone feels bad for mom”

A New Zealand mother learned an important “Child Care 101” lesson (we hope) on Saturday when worried folks gathered around her car and read the note she’d placed on her sleeping newborn, tucked into the car seat and locked inside. “My mum’s in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything,” the note read (it also listed the mom’s cellphone number). Rather than calling the authorities, the bystanders felt sorry for the mother and called her instead. “As parents ourselves we know it is hard to get a baby to sleep, and once you start moving them they can wake up,” said one man. “We thought it was just a silly decision by a tired mother.” [Source]

A very kind and sweet friend of mine read my post “Hang on to Hope” the other day.  She was so inspired by it she thought I should change the name of my blog to “A MESSAGE OF MEANING FROM MEGHAN”.  Although her suggestion was sweet and well intended, I had to tell her not to get too carried away.  I really don’t mind that I’m ‘mean’.  In fact, it’s kind of my thing.  But after reading this story I’ve shared above, I’ve decided to take her suggestion and expound upon some further “meaning”.

A Message of Meaning,

To the “mother” that left her innocent, sleeping, newborn child alone in a car, with a note, whilst she shopped away- AND the ‘bystanders’ feeling sorry for her.

You are all bunch of MORONS!  And I MEAN that with all my heart.  I’m seriously thinking of forgoing my blog and writing books for idiots who have children and don’t know what the hell they’re doing-  like you.  I’m sure you’ve see them before.  They have them for all kinds of things “Football for Idiots, Gardening for Idiots, Fishing for Idiots.”  My book for you will be called “Raising Children for Idiots.”  The first Chapter will focus on not leaving your little sleeping children unattended in a vehicle while you shop- EVER!

To the bystanders- Sure I’ll call the mother… to let her know I’ve called the cops.  To the man who said “As parents ourselves we know it is hard to get a baby to sleep, and once you start moving them they can wake up.  We thought it was just a silly decision by a tired mother.”   You’re a special kind of idiot and I’ll start working on a book for you “The Special Idiot.”  FYI-  this is not a silly mistake by a tired mother.  Washing a new red t-shirt with the whites, forgetting to sign the homework journal, putting your shirt on backwards and walking around with it all day, forgetting to brush your teeth or backing over the kids bikes are all silly mistake made by tired mothers.  This is a woman that needs a psychological evaluation and some parenting classes.  She consciously left a sleeping infant in her car- in a parking lot- filled with creepy strangers- with a note- while she shopped.

To all my parents out there- how many times have you gotten to the store and looked back to find one, two or even three of your little children asleep? We’ve all had it happen and guess what? You either turned around and went home- or you woke them up and took them screaming, into the store with you.

Sure, as parents we’ve all made our mistakes- once I forgot Valentine’s day.  Braeden was in second grade.  I dropped him off for school and he turned, looked at me and said “MOM!  We forgot my Valentine’s!”

I covered it with “OOOhhh geez honey we did!  You get in to class and I’ll run home and get them.”  I then proceeded to drive mock 20 to the store, grabbed one of the last sets of Valentine’s left of the shelf, threw in $30 worth of cupcakes and then frantically, with the help of two co-workers, filled out the names of the children at my desk at work.  It took me maybe twenty minutes to complete my mission and race them back to the school.  Luckily he was never any wiser.  In my career as a parent, there have been many, many more situations just like that.   I’m sure most of you can relate.

However- NEVER have I EVER thought about leaving one of my little sleeping babies in the car alone.

I remember when I first had Braeden- one of the first times I was in the car by myself with him,  I had to stop and get gas. I panicked thinking “ What do I do?  Do I take him into the store with me to pay for it?  What if he starts crying while I’m in there.”  It was February and freezing cold.  I was so worried about what to do, I drove around town almost running out of gas until I found a station that had pumps really close to the store.  I pumped my gas, ran in the store and push past three people waiting in line behind some guy buying forty scratch off tickets.  Literally throwing my money at the clerk, I blurted out “$25 on pump 1” and ran back out of the store.  I’ve calmed since then- however I still use that same gas station when I’m alone with the kids.

I guess I should take it easy on her.  After all she did leave a note… “My mum’s doing the shopping, call her if I need anything.”

Hopefully she was picking up a new brain.


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