Momma needs her booze…

Acal926-bottle-133x450 friend asked me an interesting question today regarding the “social acceptance” of buying alcohol when you’re with your children.  “What do you do?”  She asked “Is it okay?”

So here’s my answer-

My trips to the grocery store are always an event that are timed as best as possible around the majority of my children.  If they are not with me when my shopping occurs, it is highly unusual- to the point where the store employees comment “Hey how’d you get out alone!” or “What’d you do with the rest of the clan?”  I entertain a lot for family and friends and often enjoy a glass of wine in the evening if my schedule allows.

So whenever there is the need to replenish the wine cellar or give Jose’ a call, I simply and without hesitation, wheel the shopping cart filled with groceries and children, down the sidewalk and right into the discount liquor store.  The owners and employees are so used to my frequent stops; they often hold the door for me as I push the cart on through and whilst acquiring my goods, my children entertain them and other shoppers.

Am I ashamed? Not one damn bit and here’s why- Regardless of what others think, I am a mature adult who cares for four children alone 95 percent of the time.  I do not have the luxury of having someone stay with my children so that I can make a run to any store.

Does it make me a booze bag? Hmmm… maybe, but I think not!  I can honestly say it’s either a glass of wine or a Taser gun.  Which do you think I should have?  In my opinion it’s makes me a smart, savvy multi-tasker who, along with many, enjoy an adult beverage here and there.  To acquire that beverage, I most often have to take my children with me to obtain it.  It makes me happy to have margarita night with the girls or a glass of wine and a good cry while watching a great movie.  And as the sign says in my mother’s kitchen “If momma ain’t happy… ain’t nobody happy.”

So I say to all you mother’s out there- pack those kids up and head on out to the liquor store without shame or embarrassment!  Enjoy a drink with a friend, your husband or by yourself in peace and quiet- you deserve it.  And please- let me know if anyone gives you crap or a dirty look.  I’d be happy to pay them a visit… with my Taser gun (as soon as I can get someone to sell me one).  Bottoms up-


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