Potty Training Advice- From Kian

For the past few weeks, I have been working on potty training concepts with Kelan- for my sanity and the sake of my bank account.  Two children in diapers is a bit overwhelming.  In addition, after the age of two, little baby poop starts to smell and look like big adult poop.  So we’ve set up a potty chart and have started toileting.  Every time Kelan goes on the big potty he gets a sticker.  Some days are better than others, but I’m hanging on to hope that we’ll have success by the end of the summer.

Yesterday, Kian (who spends an excessive amount of time in the bathroom) was wrapping up some business in his favorite room in the house.  I heard the toilet flush and the water running- then I heard Kelan talking about something being “in the toilet.”  I came around the corner to investigate further- just in time to hear Kian tell his younger bother…

“If you lean too far into the toll-let, you’ll fall in and be dead.  Then your dead body will get flushed down the toll-let and the plum-ber will have to come fish it out.”

Kelan wide-eyed, staring into the toilet responded with “Oooohhhh.”

Rolling my eyes, I intercepted before big brother explained further.   However, Kelan hasn’t gone back in the bathroom since. 

So much for my high hopes.


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