Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you…

Today I had to make a fast run to the bank and confirm arrangements for child care due my recent employment.  In the process of running errands, I realized I didn’t have much in the cupboards for dinner this evening.  Not wanting to travel to the opposite end of our small city, I decided to check out the new grocery store on the south side of town.

Racing in and out of the store as it rained relentlessly, I didn’t notice the (loosely termed) vehicle parked next to mine. Until- I caught the sick stench of stale cigarette smoke and saw it spewing in a cloud from the junked up jalopy.  As I loaded the kids and grocery’s in the car, I observed a group of slovenly dressed idiots stuff so much food into the trunk of the car, it began to fall out onto the parking lot.  They scurried around like squirrels gathering nuts, packing and shoving it back into place.   Slamming the hatchback, they coughed, spit, scratched and shuffled into their respected seats.  It was all quite a production- catching the stares and glances of others coming in and out of the store.

Rolling my eyes, I turned around to take the cart back to the cart rack, but was stopped by the offensive vehicle backing precariously out of it’s parking space.   Just as I was about to go around the carload of morons, the top of an aluminum can came flying out of a partially rolled down window and landed a foot from where I stood waiting.  I looked at the window from which the object came and found a three hundred pound woman slurping (yes I could hear her) and scarfing down the contents of the can from whence the top came.

Completely incensed, I yelled at the disgusting excuse for a human being “Hey!  You forgot your trash!”

She tried to ignore me, but the driver (toothless and scraggy) having no idea what was going on, abruptly hit the brakes causing the car to shudder.  He looked back at the woman as she mumbled something to him- at which point I took the opportunity to yell “Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you!  Pick up your garbage dirt bag!”

The driver mumbled something more and the woman glared at me, opening the door she spilled out and picked up the garbage.  I continued to the cart rack shaking my head and mumbling about the disgusting human race as they clunked and putter away.

People are disgusting and I continue to be surprised at how bad our society has become.   Your car is a crap hole- fine!  But keep your crap in your car.  What are you thinking?  Really- I want to know.  I think instead of littering fines, people should have to wear shock collars.  Anytime they do something stupid, it automatically emits an electrical impulse paralyzing them briefly.  I am constantly picking up garbage and debris people carelessly throw in my yard and I’ve had it!


Be warned!  If I see ANYONE littering, be it pop cans, cigarette butts, aluminum cans, used condoms (oh yeah- they’re all over), gum wrappers, whatever- expect a message of mean from Meghan!


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