Did you not realize?


A message to all the parent’s out there with children running around in short sleeve shirts, shorts, no hats, shoes or coats.

Today is November 5th.  The temperature this morning in my car on the way into work was twenty-nine degrees Fahrenheit.  I’m sure you were snuggle warmly in a big puffy coat and hat. But did you happen to notice your child had shorts and a short sleeve shirt on as he walked to school.  Or that your daughter sported a pair of flip-flops and skirt as she too shuffled down the sidewalk to school.

 Maybe you didn’t realize that the baby and two year old needed some shoes on their feet- socks really don’t cut it when it’s this cold.  And a warm coat and hat on the six month old might help to deter her constantly running nose that you like to wipe with your toasty sweatshirt.  It is late autumn and the snow will soon be flying.  It’s great that you might think of yourself and family as hearty Western New Yorker’s, but please- put some damn clothes on your children!

 Oh believe me; I know how hard it is to keep coats and hats on kids.  I myself just had a come to Jesus and brought the church and the choir with my own son about dressing warmly.  But you can do it, if you take the time to.  Remember you are after all, the parent.  Or did you not realize that either?

 *This message is sponsored by the readers of this blog and disturbed parents everywhere.


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