Full of thanks today…

Since it’s the season for thankfulness, I’d like to add yet another proclamation of gratitude.

I’d like to thank weirdo’s everywhere for giving me something to write about.  Without you and your constant, almost daily interference- my life would be normal, almost dull.

Especially you- weirdo Wegmans lady.  I was especially grateful of how you stopped me this evening to randomly instruct me on how to walk children through a busy parking lot, as I struggled to contain my three exhausted children and walk them- in what I thought was a careful manner- to our car.  I’m sure you were filled with the very best of intentions or maybe you’re just nosy.  Either way, your strange babblings confused and irritated even my children.  As a matter of fact, as Kian hurried to get into the car- trying to escape your oddball rant- he said to me under his breath, “Who the heck is Natalie? What is that lady even talking about?”

I’m super-duper glad your method of “side cart swapping” worked with your kids, but I’ve got this under control.  And unless my children are running haphazardly and unsupervised through the parking lot of hell, I’d be even more grateful if you kept your parking lot protocol to yourself.

Thanks a bunch though- for making a challenging experience, painful.  There is nothing I appreciate more than receiving parenting advice from random strangers- in dark parking lots- while it’s cold and raining- and my baby is crying and fussy- and one son is trying to stand up in the cart as the other is hanging off one side of the cart making it incredibly difficulty to steer around oncoming traffic.

Special, special times.


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