Just a few things…

From last year at this time. Please forgive all my holiday reposts today. The snow has mean in the holiday mood.

A Message of Mean from Meghan

My apologies to the four people who read my blog.  I’ve had the very best of intentions to write over the past few weeks, however, my ability to do so has been waylaid due to yet another GI virus attacking my house.  Last week was spent caring for two very sick little boys who both ended up in the hospital.  One for a two night stay on IV’s.  Not to worry, we are now on the mend.

Having been busy nursing the sick, I’ve not had time to winterize the exterior of my home and begin the tradition of placing pine and berries in my porch boxes.  This is something my Grandpa Dwyer started back in the 20’s and 30’s.  Every year my 78-year-old father continues this tradition by hiking around the hills and surrounding area of his country home and cutting pine and American Red Berry.  He drops them off in…

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