The Naughty List…

Dear Santa,

 I am writing to you regarding the naughtiness taking place at the Cartella House this Christmas season.  I’m afraid I may have more than one child on the naughty list this year.

You see Santa, Kelan Burke has been terribly noncompliant and openly defiant.  As you may know, he’s been completely potty trained for over a month now but suddenly has taken several steps backwards just this past week.  His has consistently wet and pooped his pants and even pooped on my floor the other night!!!  He also has been very fresh and even told me “Nobody cares mom!” just this morning!  In addition, Kelan seems to think a breakfast of leftover Halloween candy is appropriate- daily!

And I’m afraid that even Kian has not been on his very best behavior.  Just last week he received a red card in school for standing on a chair and booing the 1st grade class as they sang their song for their Christmas concert.

 Even Elfie (our Elf On The Shelf) doesn’t seem to encourage good behavior.  In fact, he’s largely disregarded and Kelan has touched him so many times, I don’t think he has enough Christmas magic left to travel to you for reporting.  Although, I think that might be Kelan’s direct intention.

 So I thought I’d better write this letter to you Santa, to keep you abreast to our grievous situation here.  I fear it may be coal for more than one child in this house this Christmas.



 Mrs. Meghan Cartella

(Braeden, Kian, Kelan & Ailey’s mommy)


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