Hang on to hope…

The cold and overall harshness of the weather made me think of this post that I wrote last year at this time. Hold on to hope everyone, spring is around the corner.

A Message of Mean from Meghan

I heard a cardinal couple outside my window this morning chirping happily back and forth to each other.  I laid there in bed smiling with hope that spring would soon be here.  It won’t be long before my winter friends are joined by a choir of birds all singing their songs together.  My happy thought made me think of a friend who needed to hear something positive yesterday as the day seemed filled with sadness.  My heart, feeling heavy along with hers and many others here in our small community, was lightened by this little hope for spring.  I wanted to get up and send her a message “Hang on to hope… spring is almost here.”  But I got busy with my little ones and didn’t get the chance.

Later, I was thinking about our heavy hearts and my cardinals.  And a story someone told me years ago when my…

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