Kid talk…

Summer Fun

There are so many conversational exchanges between me and my children on a daily basis that it’s hard to remember them all.  They are usually very funny and I end up walking away shaking my head at their comedic fodder.  The past few days they’ve been especially funny, without even knowing it.  Here are just a few exchanges that have recently taken place.

A few weeks ago, Kian and Kelan were playing in the other room as I made dinner.  I was listening to their exchange of who was going to be who and overheard the following…

“Kian, you’re my cousin.”

“Okay and you hide and I’ll come get you.”

“Okay.  But then you find me and I’ll steal your gun.”

“Okay, but I’m the good guy.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m the good guy.”

“Nooooo, you can’t be the good guy if I’m the good guy!”

“Okay, then you can be my wife!”

“WHAT?  What the heck are you talkin’ about?  I’m your cousin, I can’t be your wife if I’m your cousin!”

“Yes you CAN!”

“No I can’t!”

“Uh, huhhhhh!”

“MOM! Can I be Kelan’s wife if I’m his cousin?”

With tears of laughter in my eyes, I responded from the kitchen, “It depends on what state you live in.”


This weekend Kelan was swimming in the little kiddie pool I got for them.  Unabashedly unconcerned with putting on a suit, he swam most of the day naked- until he went to the airshow with his daddy.  Upon returning from the airshow, he stripped down to his underwear and jumped in the pool.  My husband looked at him and said, “You’re wearing Kian’s underwear.  Why are you wearing his underwear?

Kelan shrugged nonchalantly and replied “Meh, they work.”


I was drying Ailey off after her bath last night and said to her…

“Ugh!  Look at my house Ailey. Who keeps making these messes?”


“Yes, you’re right smarty.  And who else?”


“Yup. And  is there anyone else that makes messes in mommy’s house?”

“Uh huh.”




This morning Kian came into me in the bathroom all dressed for the day and we had the following conversation…

“Hiya handsome.”

“Mornin’ Momma.”

“You look spiffy today” (He’d dressed himself in matching neon green Nike shorts and shirt)


“Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, but I got a squito bite on my leg that really itches!”

“Uh oh.  Did you get that last night?”

“No, I got it yesterday night.”


Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be plenty more to record in the very near future.


2 thoughts on “Kid talk…

    • Thank you lexiesnana! These kids are always coming up with something and I hate that I don’t always have time to write it down or remember. So I had to get these down before I totally forgot.


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