I’m no fashionista but…

I don’t proclaim to be up on the latest fashions, but I try very hard to wear appropriate business attire when at work.  So I’ve been continually confused and a tad disturbed by the increasing number of professional women I’ve seen wearing transparent/see-thru blouses with multicolored bras underneath.  Lacy bras, black bras, red bras, pink bras- you name it and it’s totally visible.  No cami, no undershirt of any kind- just bra.  And what’s actually worse about this (yes there’s a “worse” point) is these women aren’t exactly svelte- know what I’m saying?  I really don’t care to see your rolls, thank you.  The other day, I was pretty sure I saw a woman’s nipple though the lace of her bra- through the shirt.

I’m confused.  This is okay?  This is deemed suitable work apparel?  Am I old-fashioned in my ideas or manner of dress?  I thought that type of work clothing was typically found on prostitutes.  Is it wrong for me to be questioning this?

I guess I should just be glad they’re wearing bras.


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