Kian and the pimple…

The other night, as we were pulling up to the house in the car, my little Kian made an interesting observation. And if you’ve been following this blog and read about some of his other comments and observations, I can guarantee this won’t disappoint you.

I was trying to get everyone out of the car- they were all talking to me at once, each either asking for something or fighting with another, the usual chaos. And over all this chaos, I heard Kian say “Momma, I think it’s nice that those woodchucks down the street are trying with their decorations.”

A little befuddled and distracted, I asked “What honey?”

“Those woodchucks down the street with the pimple. They’re at least trying to decorate their house for Christmas.”

Pausing in my quest to unload children and settle a dispute between my two youngest, I looked up and down our street at the houses. “The woodchucks with the pimple?” I asked, completely confused.

Frustrated now, because he’d explained it twice and I still didn’t get it, he replied emphatically “The woodchucks with the pimple! Their house is decorated with lights!”

“The pimple? Kian? I have no idea what you mean.”

“Mom. The house right there with the pimple.” He pointed.

Looking down the street in direction of his finger, I realized then what he was referring to. “Ah, you mean the house down the street with the PIT BULL.”

Rolling his eyes at me like I’m a complete idiot, “Yeah mom, that’s what I said. The house with the pimple.”


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