Keep the ones who tell you…

A series of recent conversations about “Would you tell me if…” got me thinking about the truth behind friends who say they’d tell you if you had a big booger hanging from your nose, if you smelled like B.O., if your breath was rank, if you had crap in your teeth, etc, and those friends who actually do tell you.

You see, I’m the friend that would really, actually say, “Yeah I’m happy to hear your story about the co-worker who stunk up the bathroom.  But I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying because you’ve got a giant green thing in your front tooth.”

In fact, I’ve been known to even tell fellow male co-workers, “Barn door’s open.  Close the door.”  (You know who you are)  And have also offered gum to folks with horrifically offensive breath.  Note:  should I ever emphatically insist you have a piece of gum… take it.  Your breath is going to kill someone.

So recently when someone asked me, “Would you really tell me if…”  I had to explain to them that I was the one person out of many who would, without hesitation, let you know about any potentially embarrassing, arrest worthy, appearance demeaning situation that could befall you.  Typically I will do this with a humorous approach, because there is truly no better way to overcome an embarrassing situation than with laughter.  However, don’t be alarmed.  Should the situation appear to be more serious, I will handle it appropriately and with far more delicacy.

However, the important thing to take away from this is to know full well that should you want an opinion, or have a booger in your nose, I’m going to be the friend that doesn’t just say “Of course I’d let you know.” I will, in fact, be the very first to inform you.  These are the type of friends you should keep.  You may not always like what they’re trying to get across… but wouldn’t you rather know?


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