The green shoes…

This story is not a story at all.  It is, what I believe a vision, of events to come.  An event so special and so amazing that it has change my family forever.  This is the story of the green shoes, told to me through a dream on the morning of October 8th, 2016.

“This m12360154_10153279026768848_4974086390827894271_nay sound a little crazy, but if you know me well, you’ll understand this completely. You’ll also understand why my husband calls me and my sisters- The Witches Dwyer

I had a dream last night that lingered long after I was awake. I do this sometimes- dream vivid, life like dreams that are full of symbolism. Last night in my dream I was at a fall festival type of event with an old friend from school- Arkport Central- whom I’ve not really seen or spoken to in some time. She and I were walking around this little festival admiring the pumpkins, cornstalks, and other autumn wonders when a strong storm struck. Lightning flashed and rain began to fall hard. I told my friend we should escape and find refuge at “my neighbor’s house.” So we ran to their house (which wasn’t really their house) and found my neighbors drinking hot rummed cider and partaking in the fall festival by doing intuitive readings for people.

Holly and Steve (my neighbors) greeted us and gave us cider. In my dream I felt happy and light hearted, something which I have not felt in several weeks. As we sipped our drinks, Holly told me, “You need to see Steve. He has a message for you.” I thought, “Huh? Steve? He’s not intuitive? He doesn’t do readings.” And said so to Holly. She said, “Please just go talk to him, he needs to tell you something.”

So into a backroom I went where I found Steve standing. He pointed at my diaphragm and said, “I see something here.” I was puzzled and said, “Don’t you mean here?” as I pointed to my chest because it felt tight and hurt. Steve shook his head yes and said, “Yes. I see you getting a pair of green shoes shaped like lobes.” Again, totally puzzled, I asked sarcastically, “You mean like leprechaun shoes?” Steve said, “Yes.” I then asked, “Why are they green?” And he responded, “Because green means rebirth and new life.”

I was finished with my reading and left the room and the dream moved on. But when I woke, the scene above stayed with me- clear as though I just had the conversation with Steve in the hall moments ago.

In the shower I thought about how bazaar the whole thing was and wondered why it was replaying over and over and over again in my mind. Then it dawned on me- the message, the symbolism
– a pair of shoes shaped like lobes, green meaning rebirth, new life- they are the new lungs we have been praying for for my beautiful Alexandra.

Please pray that this dream comes true today. Pray for the family that will lose a loved one and hope that the life they save eases their grief. Please hold hope in your heart for Zan.”

*Just a few hours after writing this on Facebook, our hearts were filled with consternation.  My family received the wonderful news that a donor had been found.  Hours later, after surviving a grueling eight hour long surgery, my beautiful niece received her precious new lungs.

Five months post-transplant, Alexandra is back to work and recovering amazingly.  However, each time I look at her I think of her green shoes and the miracle that filled our lives.

I wanted to share this story so that I am always reminded of the power of positive thought, of prayer, hope and love.  I wanted to share it to spread the message of new life and new beginnings, so that we never forget how lucky we truly are.


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