Confession of a bad mom: The reality of Mother’s Day…

Confession of a bad mom:

The reality of Mother’s Day is… it’s just another day in the life of a mother.  And though it may be the very best of intentions of those who love you, you still typically end up cleaning, cooking, and yelling at your children.

For example, yesterday my husband had to work.  I was okay with that as I was looking forward to having a quiet, low-key day at home.  It had been a busy week for our little family and some downtime was all this mom needed.  But that wasn’t to be… I spent the morning scolding my children about their constant fighting. And by 11 o’clock Kelan had kicked a soccer ball into a trio of wine glasses, shattering them and sending shards of glass flying in twenty directions.   Thirty minutes later, after cleaning up glass, I made lunch… with the only thing we had in the house… Spaghettio’s.  My “starved” children ate about three scoops before they moved on to systematically disassembling my house.  Curtains were ripped from windows, toys were strewn about, and fighting once again commenced.

Now… you may be thinking, “Well, what the hell were you doing while all this was going on?”  And I don’t blame you for asking…  because sometimes I ask myself that very question.  This time I have an answer.  You see, I was picking up the mess from lunch and vacuuming… again.

The final straw came when Ailey took the vacuum cleaner attachment to Kelan’s face.  That led to what I like to refer to as some ass-cracking, afternoon-nap taking time.  Others like to call it “time out.”

After everyone got sent to their respective “timeout” spots, I sat on the couch and listened to my naughty children cry in their rooms.  Tears streamed down my face, because I was the worst mother on the face of the earth… on Mother’s Day.

My oldest two, thankfully not a part of any of the day’s debacle, hugged me and kissed me and reassured me that I was the “best mom” and that their siblings were just being extra naughty. Kian explained that he was pretty sure they’d just saved it all up for Mother’s Day.  Later, my husband came home and tried to save the day.  He brought home dinner and even made efforts to find flowers and wine, to no avail.

However, he did declare it officially Mother’s Week in our house.

But it wasn’t until my mom returned my “Happy Mother’s Day” call later, that I truly felt better.  I cried and lamented on the phone with the one person who knew what a crappy Mother’s Day could be like.  Her laughter and consoling had me feeling so grateful that I still had a mom to call.

That realization made my day beautiful.  Even at 38, my mom made it all better!  It was the silver lining I needed. Because the reality is, every day is Mother’s Day… the house will never be perfect, the laundry will never be done, the kids will always be fighting about something, and our mom-breaks are far and few, but that’s what we sign up for when we become a mother.  It’s our expectations that get in the way… and sometimes, the best comfort is in the solidarity of others who’ve walked that very same path we’re on.

So, to all the mothers out there who work so damn hard, I hope you had the very best day ever.  But if you didn’t… solidarity, sister!  I feel you and I hope it makes it a little better.  Because I’m certain that whatever crappy day you’ve had, you’re still a great mom.

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