About Meghan…

cropped-author-photoMeghan K. Dwyer is an aspiring writer, self-professed misanthrope, cystic fibrosis advocate, wife and mother of four beautiful children. She lives in rural Western New York with her husband Chris and their children Braeden, Kian, Kelan, and Ailey.

The youngest of five children, Meghan is of Irish descent. Her love of writing and reading is a passion cultivated by her heritage- the Irish make good storytellers! Because of this, she comes from a family of accomplished writers, several of whom are published.

Encouraged by a college professor, Meghan sat down one night long ago and began writing about her day. A single parent at the time with a two-year-old son, she soon found she easily filled the pages of her notebook with anecdotes and reflections. Her professor laughed and cried at her stories and encouraged her to continue to keep her journal.

Years later, with three additional children, she found she had even more to write about. Putting down the pen and taking up the keyboard, she started A Message of Mean from Meghan as a way to process her thoughts about parenting, society, and life in generalThe title of her blog was inspired by an email Meghan wrote to her sister containing that phrase and became her online, public journal.  Sharing her thoughts with others about her day and confessions as a “bad” mother became a sort of therapy, for herself and for those who read her stories.  These stories and posts eventually developed into Confessions of a Bad Mom, her fourth book.

Meghan is also the author of The Ellington Manor Series, a three-book romance publication inspired by the love of her life and her affinity for Cape Cod. When One Door Closes, Almost Forgotten, and Hoping for Happiness are all available on Amazon.com as well as her other works, A Message of Mean from Meghan- The First 100 Messages and Confessions of a Bad Mom.

Meghan’s writing is full of sarcasm and truthful, yet at times, abrasive humor. It’s relatable to people who appreciate a spade being called a spade and to parents who feel the way she does about the chaos that goes along with having children.

In her spare time, of which she has little, and when she’s not writing, Meghan enjoys gardening, a good glass of wine and spending time with her family and friends.


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