The Real Supermoms…

I was in the check out at Wegmans the other day and saw a copy of Shape magazine. I picked it up to read about how I could get my “Dream Body in Just 2 Weeks.” Interested in having a dream body, I threw it on the belt along with the rest of my groceries. I hadn’t had a chance to read through it until yesterday when I finally had a brief moment to myself. Picking it up I saw that Jenny McCarthy was on the cover with a segment dedicated to her, “Jenny McCarthy How This TV Star & Supermom Stays So Hot!” I had just enough time to read her interview and skim through her workout routine before my other duties took precedence. I put it aside and went about my chores.

As I went through my day, I kept thinking about the article showcasing “Supermom” Jenny and became increasingly incensed. There is no doubt that Jenny McCarthy is gorgeous and has made huge efforts to raise money for low-income families with autistic children, having an autistic child herself. However, I couldn’t help but think about the thousands of women that don’t receive such accolades as “Supermom”, who truly deserve them. Highlighting women like Ms. McCarthy is nice and all, but I feel like there’s a big dose of reality that doesn’t go along with the recogonition. I can tell you flat out that I, along with a number of other amazing “Supermoms”, would look just as ‘sexy’ as good ol Jen if we had a personal trainer, private chef, nanny, maid, assistant, and a bank account full of money.

In my house I am the private chef, nanny, maid, assistant and personal potty trainer. The bank account full of cash… well I mean come on. Unless this blog gets published, (and even then) I don’t think I’ll be seeing a great fortune within this lifetime. So what about “The Real Supermoms?” And I do mean… the REAL Supermoms. Why aren’t they highlighted on the cover of a magazine? Truthfully, I’d like to read about them and their lives. I want to hear about how they get through each day as a wife, mother, friend and co-worker. I want to pick up a magazine and read about women I see every day at the store, dropping kids off at school, working on the police force, waiting tables, shoveling snow, running businesses and installing their own lighting fixtures!

Just a few days ago I had to remind my husband that I was in fact NOT Superwoman. They (my husband and children) are under the impression that I have superpowers which allow me to be able to make dinner, help with homework, feed a baby, change a diaper, clean up spilled milk on the carpet, listen to five conversations at once, do dishes, and discipline fighting children all at the exact same moment on maybe 4 hours of sleep. Although it’s a huge compliment that he and my children think this way, it’s important for them to understand I am after all, only one person with two hands.

So I say to Shape, Jenny, and the other real “Supermoms” stop on by my humble abode or the home of any other REAL woman here in our little burg. You’ll see some truly amazing Supermoms. In the mean time- I think I’m going to look into starting my own magazine called REAL WOMEN.


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