Confession of a bad mom…

Confession of a bad mom: I once went Christmas shopping at Walmart on three (big) glasses of wine. Seriously, it’s the only way to go to Walmart. Ever.




Holiday stress


Confession of a bad mom…

Confession of a bad mom: My beloved Nana Burke was a very wise woman, something I believe she passed along to her daughter, my mother. She was almost ninety-one when she died and had a lifetime of wisdom to impart on her family. After all, as the mother of twelve children, she was bound to have some profound advice. And although she passed away when I was  twenty and I didn’t have nearly enough time on this earth with her, I will never forget the many things she told me. One of which, I think of often now that I am a mother of four. Nana once said, “When your children are little they tread on your toes. But when they get older they tread on your heart.” No truer words have ever been said. As a mother you endure so much heartache, both happy and sad, as your children grow and turn into adults. Their sadness and strife becomes yours. Their words and actions can sometimes hurt. It’s amazing to me when I think of these wise, strong matriarchs, who have come before me. I don’t think you ever truly understand how wonderful your mother or grandmother are, until you become one yourself. #wisewomen #matriarch #littlefeetcanhurt 

Confession of a bad mom:

Confession of a bad mom: I know this is going to sound terrible… but sometimes I wish I could check into a hospital for a two night stay with a mild illness (sleep  deprivation/misanthropy) that required isolation and sleep as treatment.  That way  I would be able to lie in bed and nap all day, while watching tv on and off, with no one bothering me.  And… I wouldn’t have to cook!  Instead, my meals would be delivered right to my bed.  (Ok, hospital food is crappy, so maybe I’d order in.) It’s different than a hotel… if I checked in to a hotel, I’d feel guilty. I need this to be medically necessary, with a note and orders from my doctor.  “Please admit Meghan for two days of complete isolation and rest- to recover from life.”

good luck charlie

Confession of a bad mom:

In the midst of rushing Ailey out the door to dance class, while preparing dinner and helping with homework, she stopped and said to me, her dark brown eyes intense, “I wish you would stay in the room at dance like the other moms.” Now normally I’d be like, “Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that…” but I’ve been feeling a tad under the weather and so that pretty much closed me up for the night. Choking back tears, I explained, “I know, honey. But mommy has to pick up your bother and get back home to dinner and the boys.” She smiled and said, “I know, momma.” and gave me a big kiss. I dropped her off and drove away thinking, “Well, we’ll chalk up another one for their future therapist.” #mymomjustdropsmeoff #shesabadmom #aintnobodygottimeforthat