Recipes from the witch’s hearth

I added  a page to my blog entitled “Recipes” because I’ve had a number of family and friends ask me how I make some of my favorite dishes.  So I thought I’d share with them and you.
My cooking style, if I had to categorize it, is total comfort food and full of flavor.  What my husband calls “Cockel Warming” food.  It’s taking me some time to put my recipes together, so check in once in a while to see what’s new.  I promise it’ll be worth it!
In my home old Irish hospitality holds true.  Everyone is welcome, whenever.  As my husband puts it “We have two open doors… the front and the back.”   My family and friends are frequently stopping by for a cup of tea or glass of wine and a taste of whatever I may be making that day.  I love to entertain and cook for my family and enjoy the busyness of my home.  I am a “nester” at heart and love all things hearth and home.
I come from a large family and have four children of my own.  Because of that, I really only know how to make dinners that feed a lot of people.  For that, I’d like to give thanks to my mother.  You see, I’ve inherited her ability of being able to throw whatever may be in the cupboards or refrigerator of my kitchen into a pot and make something tasty and fulfilling.
My recipes can feed a large family for pennies and I’ve been know many times to pull off meals for $10 or less.  I will admit that it’s been hard for me to put them into a recipe format as I don’t think I ever really make the same thing the same way twice.  I don’t exactly measure, but more so taste.  So use these recipes as a kind of guideline and try them with different things you and your family may like.
I hope they bring the same warmth and sense of family to your home as the have mine.  Please feel free to comment and let me know how they have worked out for you.  I look forward to hearing about your experience or how you may have changed them!
Best of Luck~

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